Master Your Week, Double Your Impact: 30-Minute weekly Focus Coaching for Busy Leaders

Our coaching framework helps you:

  • Get clear & conquer overwhelm.
  • Do more in less time.
  • Work on what matters most.
  • Feel calmer, decide with confidence.
  • Inspire your team to excel.

Master Your Week, Double Your Impact: 30-Minute weekly Focus Coaching for Busy Leaders

Our coaching framework helps you:

  • Get clear & conquer overwhelm.
  • Do more in less time.
  • Work on what matters most.
  • Feel calmer, decide with confidence.
  • Inspire your team to excel.

Stuck in the Busyness Trap? Break Free and Lead with Focus

You pour your heart into your business, pushing yourself to the limit, yet a nagging sense of overwhelm lingers.

You’re constantly playing catch-up, the weight of uncompleted tasks a constant burden.

This isn’t uncommon. High-performing business leaders like yourself often find themselves trapped in a cycle of busyness.

You experiment with productivity hacks, invest in expensive courses, and adopt complex tools, all in the desperate search for a magic solution.

The truth? These approaches often backfire. They pile more complexity onto your plate, demanding more willpower, learning time, and mental effort.

The initial excitement fades, leaving you feeling just as overwhelmed as before.

A Unique Approach: Focus for Leaders.

A Unique Approach: Focus for Leaders

Beyond Distraction Management:

Traditional coaching focuses on tasks. We go deeper. Leveraging neuroscience, we coach leaders in a 3-pronged focus strategy:

  • Inner Focus: Sharpen self-awareness for better decisions and navigate challenges with composure.
  • Other Focus: Build strong relationships and understand the needs of your team and stakeholders.
  • Strategic Focus on the Wider World: Develop strategic thinking to navigate the bigger picture and foster innovation.

Master this triad of focus, and lead with clarity, impact, and adaptability.

Become a Focused Leader: Double Your Impact in Less Time

Feeling stuck working IN your business instead of ON it? You’re not alone.

Many business leaders struggle to find focus amidst the daily grind.

Our coaching program combines the science of productivity with proven focus techniques to help you achieve more in less time.

Gain clarity on your priorities, streamline your workflow, and finally break free from the cycle of busyness.

Imagine achieving your biggest goals without sacrificing your wellbeing or control.

That’s the power of focused leadership. Join thousands of successful leaders who have transformed their businesses with our guidance.


A few results from leaders just like you we’ve helped over the years, great leaders that applied the principles and got results!

We all have great ideas, talking it through with Toye you will get a new twist to enhance the idea/s and makes you do it!! He has a very systematic approach and get results.

Yash Tosar

Managing Director, 1st Financial Foundations

My typical week was a mess, full of chaos and stress. I had no idea where to begin with my tasks and often felt overwhelmed.

Since applying your principles, everything changed. I gained clarity on what I needed to accomplish, and seeing everything laid out on paper lifted a weight off my shoulders. I felt more headspace to breathe, and the stress began to fade as I got things in order.

Andrew Beard

Director, Amoria Group

Toye’s coaching & training guides you in helping you understand your ‘why’, and why you want to be a leader. Understanding this and what my values are has helped lay a stronger foundation for how I manage my team and how I can stay true to myself as I doing this.

Georgia Harris

Group Head of Marketing, 5 Values

How it Works

Ready to break free from the overwhelm and unlock your full potential as a leader? Our focus coaching program follows a simple yet powerful 3-step framework designed to help you achieve clarity, focus, and consistent results:


Step 1: Commitment – Define Your Values

  • Identify your core values and principles: You will work with your coach to uncover what truly matters to you, guiding your decisions with greater purpose and confidence.
  • Embrace a growth mindset: Through coaching exercises and discussions, open yourself to new perspectives and unlock your full potential through continuous learning and self-improvement.
    • Develop a foundation for success: Together with your coach, you’ll build a solid base for effective leadership, leading to more fulfilling work experiences and a happier life.


    Step 2: Clarity – Discover Your Purpose

    • Uncover your “why”: In collaboration with your coach, define what truly inspires and motivates you, reigniting your passion and fuelling your drive for success.
    • Set clear and achievable goals: Your coach will guide you in breaking down your vision into actionable steps, ensuring you’re making consistent progress towards what matters most.
      • Develop a strategic plan: You will work with your coach to create a roadmap for achieving your goals, ensuring your actions are aligned and moving you in the right direction.


      Step 3: Consistency – Build Lasting Habits

      • Establish sustainable routines: Develop daily and weekly habits with your coach that keep you focused and moving the needle on your goals.
      • Develop accountability with your coach: Partner with your coach for ongoing support and motivation, ensuring you stay on track and overcome challenges.
        • Experience the power of accountability: Gain confidence and build momentum as you celebrate wins and receive support during challenging moments with your coach by your side.

        This 3-step framework provides a structured yet personalized approach to achieving your leadership goals. With our coaching program, you’ll gain the clarity, focus, and consistency needed to lead with confidence and create a lasting impact.


        1-on-1 Focus Coaching for Busy Leaders. CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs: Sharpen Focus, Skyrocket Success – Faster & More Affordably.

        30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

        Our Focus Coaching Service

        Risk-Free Guarantee

        We’re confident that you’ll see incredible results and value from your investment in our Focus Coaching Service. That’s why we offer a full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

        If, within 30 days, you don’t feel we’ve delivered at least 100% more value than the cost of the program, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

        If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply email us, and you’ll receive an immediate refund.

        We believe in our coaching service and its impact on you, so you have nothing to lose.

        Plus a Free Bonus Package Worth Over £1,000

        Bonus #1: Strategic Coaching Session (Quarterly)

        Receive one personalised 1:1 strategic coaching session quarterly to help you implement the strategies and insights as you review your previous results in the last quarter. Benefit from expert guidance tailored to your unique business challenges and goals.

        • Receive individualized support to apply learnings to your specific business needs.
        • Gain clarity and direction through personalised coaching that accelerates your progress.
        • Overcome obstacles and challenges with the guidance of a seasoned strategist.

        Bonus #2: Habit Tracker App Integration

        Utilise our dedicated habit tracker app to monitor and maintain your progress towards leadership focus mastery. Set goals, track your daily habits, and stay organised and disciplined in your leadership development journey.

        Benefits of the Habit Tracker:


        • Establish healthy habits and routines to optimize your productivity and performance
        • Stay on track with your goals and commitments through daily tracking and reminders
        • Foster a mindset of consistency and discipline to achieve long-term success in your leadership role.
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        Bonus #3: Leadership Library Lounge

        Access a curated collection of books, articles, videos, and resources to expand your knowledge and skills as a leader.



        • Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in leadership
        • Learn from thought leaders and industry experts in various fields
        • Continuously improve your leadership abilities through self-directed learning
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