We Believe Your Success Contributes to a Flourishing World

“Our purpose is to help business owners build businesses that grow and flourish and provide meaningful work for their employees, goods and services that makes this world a better place.”


We work with businesses globally with 10 or more staff and revenue starting from £500,000 and above. We provide coaching and tools that will help you develop a successful business that frees you from being stuck.


My name is Toye Oshunbiyi, Founder of Business Leaders Coach. I have been coaching Leaders and Entrepreneurs for over 20 years and believe that Entrepreneurs and Businesses play a key role in society. Having worked in and for larger organisations and corporations,

I believe that the Small and Medium-sized Business Owner doesn’t get as much training and support because they are too busy fire fighting and ensuring that they make payroll.

Helping Entrepreneurs and leaders is my passion

Business Leaders Coach was created to help Entrepreneurs simply have a sounding board, have an external perspective and make sense of all the business noise out in the business world.

I believe that when a business owner is successful; it has a ripple effect that we might not immediately see. As importantly, when an entrepreneur is working at his or her best, then he/she is most likely going to have happy staff which leads to happy service and ultimately, happy customers.

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