The Leaders Daily Focus Framework

5 daily habits to help you stay focused and do more with less stress.

1. Workshop

Kickstart your journey with a powerful one-day workshop where you’ll define your vision, set clear goals, and develop a roadmap to success.

Your expert coach will guide you through every step of the process.

Monthly Leaders Focus Workshop

  • Clarify their leadership Purpose
  • Set their one Year Goals
  • Plan their 90 day goals
  • Create weekly planning system
  • Establish Accountability Partners
  • Daily focus strategy

Online Course with Templates and worksheets

2. Course

Course content bonus added in your package (Value £449)

3. Coaching Calls

Connect with entrepreneurs who help you stay committed and reach your goals.

Monthly Group Workshop

  • Stay on course with monthly group coaching calls for support.
  • Receive custom advice, gain knowledge from experts, and connect with others.
  • Face challenges and celebrate successes together.
  • Our community promotes accountability and mutual support.

12-Months Support Programme

  • You can attend every live interactive Leaders Focus Workshop – Monthly
  • Join the monthly live group coaching calls – Q&A
  • Access to self-paced support videos and bonus content
  • Connect with other business leaders
  • Exclusive access to community-only discounts and offers

4. Community

What you get Inside your Community package

            • 12 months’ access to our training programme

            • All hands call once a month

            • 12 months’ access to our community

            • Access to all past and previous on hands calls

            • Access to the Leaders Daily Focus Framework online course

            • Access to resources, templates, toolkits

            • Create accountability partnerships

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