How to Grow Your Character and Competence in just 15 mins a day

How To Grow Your Character and Competence In Just 15 Minutes a Day!

As a leader, having both character and competence is essential to gain trust and credibility from your people, but how can we develop them?

We usually think that to develop such essential qualities, we have to go into the classroom and might not be aware that every day is an opportunity for us to grow in these areas.

In today’s podcast, I share some insights on how to grow your character and competence as a leader in just 15 mins a day!

Using insights from two outstanding books on this topic; ‘Leading with Character’ by Jim Loehr and ‘The Leader Habit’ by Martin Lanik, I explain how you can invest 10 mins on character and 5 mins on competence daily.


Leading with Character by Jim Loehr

The Leader Habit by Martin Lanik

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