Introduction to The 6 P’s of Highly Productive People (Part 1)

In this episode, I introduce a concept that I call The 6 P’s of Highly Productive People.

As competition becomes more intense and the pace of change is moving at rapid speed, leaders need to select, develop or hire employees who have much potential for the future of their organisation. It is without a doubt that the companies and organisations that will stand the test of time will be those that hire and/or develop highly productive people. This episode looks at why this is important and how can you identify these people.

In this Podcast, I introduce you to the 6P’s that every knowledge worker needs to know, understand and constantly be developing as we continue on this rapid change. The first question to first answer thought is: do they describe you?

Key Points

  • The Four Future Trends in Leadership Development
  • The Role of the Knowledge worker
  • The 6 P’s of Highly Effective People


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