Learn How To Lead Yourself First So You Get Better Results

Create your ‘Lead Yourself First’ action plan using the 7 Essential Principles at our Virtual Workshop and become an outstanding leader

October 6th and 7th, 2021

” All times listed in UK Time”

What is the ‘Lead Yourself First’ Virtual Workshop all about?

Business Leaders Coach has launched the ‘Lead Yourself First’ virtual training workshop. We base this workshop on the principle that you must grow yourself first to grow your team or business.

There are seven essential principles that every leader needs to clarify and continuously learn in today’s VUCA world.

Below is what we cover in the workshop

Principle Centred

  • Discover the importance of choosing principled values
  • How to Build Your Leadership on Core Principles
  • How to create your personal leadership principles
  • How to apply your leadership principles in your day-to-day living

Tool: Principle Assessment Inventory

Personal Development Plan

  • Why your personal growth plan influences everything you do
  • Discovering the key ingredients that makes up your personal development plan
  • How to discover your strengths and leverage your insights
  • Uncovering your leadership development gaps

Tool: The Daily Personal Development Plan


  • Discovering your overall life purpose for now

  • Uncovering your 5 purpose drivers

  • Creating your personal vision & purpose statement

  • How to navigate through the purpose matrix

Tool: The Purpose Matrix


  • How to shift your mindset to value doing less for more

  • How to keep your focus on what matters most

  • Identify what needs your attention and what to delegate

  • How to apply the Pareto Principle Weekly & Daily

Tool: The Priority Matrix Worksheet


  • The essential foundational principles that govern productivity

  • The four-part framework to develop your 10x Productivity workflow

  • Apply the 6 Mind Managing Skills to help you stay alert and focused when working on tasks

  • How to utilise the Productivity Simulation Process to overcome procrastination and ‘I don’t feel like doing this now’ syndrome

Tool: The Productivity Pyramid Worksheet


  • The 4 distinct personality profiles to master
  • How to motivate and engage your staff
  • Essential skills for leading virtual teams and individuals
  • Exactly what your employees and customers need to hear from you now
  • How to coach your team and customers to helping them get better results

Tools: 25 Key Questions to Ask in your 1-2-1’s with direct reports


  • The importance of power awareness

  • How to acknowledge power

  • The impact of power on others

  • How to use your power thoughtfully

  • How to empower others

Tool: The Power Impact Assessment Tool

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