People – The 6 P’s of Highly Productive People (Part 7)

In this episode, the focus is on ‘PEOPLE’ and I describe the four most common attributes that people display when communicating – this is the 6th and final P of the 6 P’s of Highly Productive People.

John Maxwell is famous for saying that ‘One is too small a number to achieve greatness”. If you are building a business, you cannot achieve any success without having the ability to get along, lead and motivate people. One of the common questions people ask is: How do I lead and manage people who are different to me? We take a look at the following:

Key Points:

  • Understanding the four most common temperaments;
  • Knowing your default communication preference is your starting point;
  • Understanding how other people communicate will help you interact better;
  • Having a mindset that people are your greatest asset is key;
  • Learning how to understand people must always be high on your agenda.


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