The Benefit of Mentors, Coaches and Books – Interview with Joanna Abeyie

In this episode, I interview Joanna Abeyie, a go-getter who has blazed a trail as a multi-award-winning social impact entrepreneur, and a champion of diversity, inclusion and equality. She has played a key role in creating the employment of diverse talent over the last 12 years.

Joanna is currently the CEO and founder of Blue Moon, a flagship inclusive Executive Search Business as well as a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy Practice.

Joanna shares her story, what drives her, the benefits of having great Mentors, Coaches and books to guide her on her entrepreneurial journey.

Key Points:

  • The importance of having mentors and coaches speaking into your life;
  • The benefits of learning from great books;
  • Why it is important to not get carried away with awards;
  • The importance of building a sustainable business from day one;
  • Learning how to keep your eye on the cash coming into the business.


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